Safety Net Association of Primary Care Affiliated Providers of WNY

Who are SNAPCAP members?

SNAPCAP organizations are NYSDOH-certified Article 28 healthcare clinics providing care to a high number of patients who are traditionally underserved: people who receive Medicaid or are un- or under-insured, people living in poverty, people with complex chronic disease or disability, and/or people who are members of racial, ethnic, cultural, or linguistic minority communities.

Member clinics include those that are hospital-based, Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), or independent free-standing clinics. For more detailed information on SNAPCAP members, click here.

What does the mission look like in action?

SNAPCAP staff and members work together to:

  • Ensure appropriate stakeholder engagement in the safety net planning process

  • Establish communication structures that ensure effective communication and mutual support

  • Engage in targeted identification, collection, and dissemination of information about projects that impact the primary care community

  • Participate in data-driven analysis and recommendation of goals and objectives for achieving improved safety-net access and services

  • Coordinate and support collective pursuit of funding

  • Advocate for public policy that supports primary care

  • Improve public awareness of primary care safety net services in the community

What is SNAPCAP's mission?

SNAPCAP seeks to achieve strong, sustainable development of patient-centered medical homes in the Western New York region. SNAPCAP serves as an advocate for its members in Western New York, addresses concerns at the policy level, and offers leaders a forum for sharing information and managing change.

How do the diverse SNAPCAP organizations work together?

SNAPCAP organizations work in partnership to support greater strengthening of the primary care safety net through collaborative projects, resource-sharing, and collective advocacy in local reform initiatives. Members participate in a monthly forum to share strategies and discuss challenges in primary care delivery.

The importance of working together to ensure patients in need have comprehensive access to state-of-the art care is held in highest regard. SNAPCAP organizations are committed to making the though decisions necessary to enact susbtantial change in the healthcare delivery system.

In 2018, SNAPCAP member-clinics formed an independent practice association – the Safety-Net IPA (SIPA), to provide a corporate and governance structure for deeper clinical integration and to develop joint capacity for managing populations and performance and secure value-based payment contracts.

We promised to take care… and our members deliver