COVID-19 Response

Emerging COVID 19 Information

This section of the website is intended to consolidate some information for health center members handling the COVID-19 response

Telehealth Guidance

NYDOH Billing guidance for telehealth services (updated 3/23/20)

Health Plan Specific Guidance:

  • Fidelis

  • Independent Health (forthcoming)

Medicare Guidance for telehealth services

NY DOH COVID-19 Medicaid Billing Guidance

NYDOH COVID-19 Billing (and other) Guidance

NYDOH Guidance for setting up temporary/mobile testing sites

FQHC, FQHC-Look Alike Guidance

FQHC-Specific Guidance for COVID 19 and Emergency Preparedness

FQHC COVID 19 Frequently Asked Questions

Health Affairs Article on funding options – April 10, 2020

PPE and other supplies:

We have been in touch with the Erie County DOH supply coordinator and they are saying it is most helpful if you can supply specifics – such as the brand and model numbers of masks (both regular and N95s), gowns and other equipment your staff have already been fit-tested for and are using.

Please send this information to Travis and myself and we will collect the information and get it to the coordinator.

Procedure Masks & Hand Sanitizer (updated 3/25)

1. ECDOH has some procedure masks and the state issue hand sanitizer (caveat – we’re told it smells terrible and is kind of runny), Travis and I will be given 5000 this Thursday to distribute, please let us know if you need some and how much and we’ll do our best to get them to you.

N95 Respirator Masks

2. ECDOH has a very, very limited supply.

3. ECDOH does not require documentation that fit testing has occurred for your employees, so you can follow the CDC guidance and share the brand and model numbers that fit your applicable employees, and they will check to see if they have any in stock.  (Barb Johnson (Elmwood Health Center) has found this CDC guidance to be helpful). Additional fit testing guidance here

More for future reference: With such a huge supply shortage, anyone who hasn’t been fit-tested prior to the coronavirus event can’t get equipment without first being fit tested. You can follow the CDC guidance if you have N95s on hand and then share the brand and model number.  If not you can work with these local independent contractors who can do fit testing now for a fee (but since there is no stock, cannot do fit testing unless you bring the equipment).  These questions must be answered by the person being fit tested and reviewed by a medical professional.

Other PPE

4. ECDOH is completely out of gowns, gloves, aprons, shoe covers, etc., but will let us know when stock has been replenished.

Follow Up

5. ECDOH has shared with us – N95 fit testing questions, a template for a respiratory protection plan, and guidance on making PPE last.  Also, this information sheet on conserving PPE supplies that Dr. Foels (Evergreen Health) put together.

6. Next week we have been instructed to make our collective needs known to share with the county, who will use this information to send to the state DOH, which will then be sent by the governor to the Federal government to request access to the Strategic National Stockpile.  We will collect this information so if you can get us specific quantities of particular medical/ppe equipment needed, it will help inform the need.

Public Health Guidance:

VIDEO LINK: “I don’t care about coronavirus because I’m young and healthy” | Doctor sounds off about COVID-19

Contacts of Contacts Guidance

Service Opportunities:

Erie County Health Department is looking for volunteer assistance to help man their COVID-19 phone hotlines.
If you have staff or others interested, have them call: COVID19 intake system at 716.858.2300